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At Bizrego we know that incorporation is just one part of what your need to succeed and we really want your company to succeed. Thats why we have curated a plethora of products at discounted rates designed to help you succeed.

$500 cash back

US Incorporations Only
Banking built for startups all over the world

$5,000 in free credits

US Incorporations Only
On demand Cloud Computing and Hosting to help you scale

30% Off Web Design

US & African Incorporations
Fast and affordable proffesional web design to help you scale

20% off for 1 year

US Incorporations Only
The cloud call center software trusted by teams everywhere.

$2000 Airtable credit

US Incorporations Only
low-code platform for building collaborative apps.

25,000 Brex credits

US Incorporations Only
business credit cards & cash management accounts for startups

1st month 15% Off

US & African Incorporations
Global payroll solution which helps businesses hire anyone, anywhere.

70% off 1st Month

US Incorporations Only
Anytime, anywhere, any device phone system for your sales and support teams.

15% Off for 2 Months

African Incorporations
Get simple hands on task or heavy workload done by people you can trust.

Business Phone Made Easy

US Incorporations Only
Get a US Work Phone Number for your business.

U.S. Bank Account

US Incorporations Only
Banking designed for growing businesses

N10,000 Off Annual Plans

Nigerian Incorporaions Only
Nigerian Phone Number to make Unlimited Calls To Anyone, Anywhere.
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