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Register & Launch in the US or Africa With Ease from Anyhwere
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Earn up to $5000+ per month with Bizrego from anywhere at anytime
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Launch a US or
African Company
FAST with Bizrego.

You Get Incorporation, Branding & Communication tools, Bank Account Opening, Tax Support & More out of the box with ease.

Take your vision global today.

Bizrego is the Easiest Way to Register & Setup Your Business in the US & Africa.

How Bizrego Works

Register a US or Nigerian Company in Just 4 simple steps less than 10mins
1. Create An Account
2. Fill the Application
3. Pay & Relax
4. Lift Off in a few days
As simple as that
Bizrego helps Companies, Start-Ups & People like YOU incorporate, launch and run their business in the United States & Africa.

Affordable Pricing

With Great Value

Plus Get up to $80000+ worth of value in perks and rewards and access to Global and Emerging Markets

We are Offering unmatched value, rewards and discounts, ease of use and peace of mind. So you can just focus on what matters to you the most.

Pay with Ease

Incorporate & Pay With Your Preffered Payment Option
Pay with Crypto, PayPal or Credit Card

Get access to more.

  • Payment Gateways

    Get access to the biggest and best international payment gateways across multiple continents.

  • Venture Capital

    Incorporating in the US helps you build trust with global investors and consumers, making it quicker and easier to scale.

  • Local Support

    Bizrego will help you launch and run your business with ease from anywhere in the world

  • Tax Benefits

    Get professional consultation to help you only pay where and what you should in taxes

  • Global Reach

    Explore new frontiers and scale into new markets and regions from the comfort of your bedroom

    Bizrego give you the chance to access and do more globally, remove the limitations your business is facing and reach your true potential. When you register your business with Bizrego. You will get a suite of solutions packaged in your bill, Including Incorporation Cost, US EIN / TAX ID , Bank Account, Virtual Address, Tax Consultation and $20k + Worth of Perks and Rewards at discounted rates plus more.

    We know you have questions

    We have answers for you
    What is Bizrego?
    Bizrego is a trusted service that helps people, businesses and startups register and incorporate their business in multiple countries across the globe.
    Do I have to travel or be in the country?
    You don’t need travel or visit the country of choice to launch your business. We do everything remotely for you. Your company can be set for you from the comfort of your bedroom or shower.
    Can I create Paypal, Stripe or Cashapp with my LLC?
    Yes. You can connect payment gateways such as Stripe or PayPal or Cashapp to your US Bank account/service or flutterwave to your in-country bank account to receive merchant payments.
    How do I file my Taxes & Annual Returns ?
    Bizrego takes care of everything, We offer a tax filing service in all the countries we register businesses. All you need to do is provide us with the relevant information we need, then leave everything to us.
    What makes Bizrego unique?
    Bizrego takes care of almost everything from the go, You Get Incorporation, Branding & Communication tools, Bank Account Opening, Tax Support & More out of the box with ease.
    Our support is also always available to help 24/7/365.
    Will Bizrego Open a bank account for me?
    Yes a Bank account will be opened for you in the incorporation country ass part of your package.
    What is EIN, TIN or Tax ID
    EIN means Employer Identification Number
    TIN mean Tax Identification Number
    TAX ID is your Unique ID for tax related issues issued by the country of incorporation. They are included in your Bizrego package.
    Do I need a VISA to launch my business?
    NO you do not, Bizrego handles all the incoporation process and provides arranges local support on order or as part of your package.


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